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Bee-hive lease

for your garden / lifestyle block | leasing bee hives throughout Marlborough

Urban Bees is based in Picton. We lease bee hives throughout Marlborough - Blenheim, Picton, Renwick, Queen Charlotte Sound, Havelock.

Bees for Better Gardens
Help Nature to Help You

Bring nature back to your neighbourhood, and help our planet, while reaping the rewards in your own garden.

You will enjoy:

  • Greater returns from your fruit trees, flowers and veges because of better pollination, as the bees take care of your garden.
  • Delicious honey, produced from your region. A lovely personal gift to give friends and loved ones.
  • Experience the tranquil hum of the bees working diligently, as you take a rare moment out of your busy day to enjoy the pleasure of your garden.
  • Find a new point of interest, which the whole family can learn about - and learn from!
  • Create a sanctuary for bees in your garden.

bee hive lease marlborough

Bee-hive for your home garden or lifestyle block

Let us know if you would like to start this exciting adventure on your property.

  • pollination


  • learning


  • honey


  • pollination


    We place new hives between August and the end of November, so bees have time to pollinate your fruit trees and take full advantage of the honey flow, which occurs (generally) from November to January.

    • The Urban Bee team will do regular hive checks.
    • Both Matthew and Catherine are Approved Beekeepers.

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 03 573 7600 for more information or to let us know when you would like to start this exciting adventure.

  • learning


    Learn about bees during our regular visits, depending on time of year - approximately every 6 weeks, 3-4 weeks in the Spring / Summer Honey Flow Period.

    • Honey bees are fascinating to watch and listen too.
    • A honey bee visits between 50 and 100 flowers during one collection flight from the hive.
    • We also give interactive talks in schools, to clubs and community groups.
  • honey


    Your Bee Hive Lease includes honey removal for processing and distribution:

    • Up to 15kg, dependant on your hive's production.
    • Extra Hive includes: 5 kilo of honey for the second and subsequent hive.
    • Our famously delicious honey, now available for sale after many requests!


incl gst

1 Standard Hive

Annual fee

Bee Hive Lease


incl gst

per Extra Hive

Annual fee

Bee Hive Lease

with new mated queens, 5 frame, in Hive Doctor nuc box - $300.


$55, delivered nationwide.



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