Bee-hive lease for your garden / lifestyle block

Bees for Better Gardens
Help Nature to Help You

Bring nature back to your neighbourhood, and help our planet, while reaping the rewards in your own garden.

You will enjoy:

  • Greater returns from your fruit trees, flowers and veges because of better pollination, as the bees take care of your garden.
  • Delicious honey, produced from your region. A lovely personal gift to give friends and loved ones.
  • Experience the tranquil hum of the bees working diligently, as you take a rare moment out of your busy day to enjoy the pleasure of your garden.
  • Find a new point of interest, which the whole family can learn about - and learn from!
  • Create a sanctuary for bees in your garden.

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Let us know if you would like to start this exciting adventure on your property.

Lease a bee-hive for your home garden or lifestyle block

We are business as usual in Marlborough and Picton, but as of this spring, we are no longer servicing the Nelson region, as the need for bees was so great in both Marlborough and Nelson, that 'we got too big for our suits'!

This is fantastic for bees and gardens, although as we are only two people, life became too busy and just a little bit crazy for our time and wellbeing! We have thoroughly enjoyed working with our lovely Nelson and Bays customers and their hospitable gardens, we thank them for their support these last few years and wish them all good things and a fantastic summer, of prolific gardens and abundant produce!

We're looking forward to the new season in Marlborough and the Queen Charlotte Sound and spending more time with the family. We may even squeeze in some camping!

We unfortunately don't cover all of New Zealand. If you're not in Marlborough and are looking to lease a hive or to set some up yourself, the best option would be to read more on National Beekeepers Association website.

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Bee Hive Lease

Bring nature back to your neighbourhood, and help our planet, while reaping the rewards in your garden. Read more . . .

About Bees

A honeybee visits between 50 and 100 flowers during one collection flight from the hive. Read more . . .

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